77. The Goodness Project

The subscription box service for vegan, natural, and gluten-free products with 2,000 regular customers

Founders: Anna Szanto
October 2013 (launched April 2016)

Anna Szanto was frustrated by the limited availability of healthy, natural, vegan and gluten-free products back in 2013 – even in London! And those that did have often had a limited and selection that lacked in variety.

After extensive research, she decided a subscription box would be the answer to the deficit of these healthy products. She called her idea The Goodness Project.

Today it delivers quality vegan, natural, gluten-free products and gifts in subscription boxes and office wellbeing boxes. Products come from a variety of brands in the space including Creative Nature, Yogi tea, Ombar, Inspiral, the Raw Chocolate Co, Nom, Propercorn, and Nakd.

The Goodness Project differentiates itself through its personalisation, with handwritten gift cards and personalised snack boxes for offices. Its loyal customer base is 2,000 strong and growing month-on-month. At Christmas, this number triples!

Pre-launch it had secured partnerships with the Diageo, the world’s largest spirit producer, and secured the right to be the exclusive online retailer of Baileys Almande (its diary-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly product) before it had launched.

Ready to scale up its unique offering, The Goodness Project will focus on raising investment and hiring key talent over the next 12 months – there are still only two people at the business at present – to join it in the journey of taking the business to the next level.

Szanto describes herself as an “eternal optimist”. Her long-term goal is to build The Goodness Project into a household name with a great team – and that’s one we can get behind.


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