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Founder: Melinda Nicci
November 2014 (Launched January 2015)

Baby2Body is the only data-driven platform dedicated to optimising women’s health and wellbeing before, during and after pregnancy.

Launched three years ago, the start-up was created by sport psychologist and fitness trainer Melinda Nicci after she experienced frustration at the lack of positive and empowering resources for staying active and healthy during pregnancy.

Nicci wanted to have a healthy baby and be happy and healthy herself, and knew all expecting and new mothers would want this too. And yet, according to Nicci, the information that is out there is “outdated, not always credible, and confusing, which leads to uncertainty and anxiety”.

Recognising the problem, Nicci wanted to help women live happier, make healthier choices and ultimately have healthier babies – and this would become a mission statement for her start-up Baby2Body.

Using artificial intelligence, Baby2Body delivers a hyper-personalised coaching experience, with the most up to date and evidenced based advice, based on a woman’s exact stage of pregnancy or new motherhood. The platform is also able to integrate multiple data points, such as whether it’s the first or second baby and what their current lifestyle is, in order to personalise the advice.

The business then provides each woman with this personalised advice right when she needs it, delivered through its mobile app, Alexa voice service, and website.

Its a service which new mums and mums-to-be have quickly bought into and already Baby2Body has nearly 700,000 users.

Investors have also backed the start-up to the tune of £1.3m to help Nicci achieve her goal of making Baby2Body the go-to brand for all women to optimise their health and wellbeing.

While Nicci highlights that Baby2Body is only focused on pregnancy and new mothers for now, expansion is also in the pipeline. She tells us the service will be “expanding to all women, in every country and in as many languages.”

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