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Founder: Daniel Burton
Founded: October 2015 (launched February 2018)
Website: wondrwall.co.uk

Internet of Things-based home automation systems such as Hive and Nest are on the rise, offering the ability to “control your home from your phone”.

But, what if we told you there was a more advanced, intelligent system available that learns and controls all the main functions of your house autonomously?

Enter Wondrwall.

The Manchester business has pioneered the first intelligent living system to transform how you interact with your home. It automatically controls your heating, lighting, security and safety with voice control, and cleverly adapts its home supervision by understanding how you live and behave.

One of the biggest benefits of Wondrwall’s intelligent system is its autonomous security and safety features.

For instance, Wondrwall can recognise the sound of your fire or carbon monoxide alarm and automatically flashes the lights and sounds an alert in every room to make sure everyone is safe. It can also turn the lights in your home on and off to simulate occupancy when you are away to deter burglars.

Other impressive safety features include the ability to receive instant notifications when your children arrive home from school.

And there’s more. Unlike other smart home technology, Wondrwall will intelligently learn from your behaviour so, if you leave the house without turning a light off, Wondrwall will turn it off for you. Then, at the end of the month, you can see a report of everything the system has saved you in costs.

The brainchild of Daniel Burton – who previously invented electronic wallpaper and developed this concept to create Wondrwall – the business has grown to a team of 14 and is proving attractive to the property and home services market.

It’s already being rolled out by 8 of the top 15 house builders in the UK, while its offering has secured take-up among home service providers such as utilities and insurance companies, and the assisted living space.

Backed by a £2m finance facility from NatWest, Burton and his team plan to scale up the business across the UK over the next year and no wonder!

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