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Founders: Matthew de la Hey, Alex Hanson-Smith, and Chris Mackie
Founded: November 2015 (Launched February 2016)

Searching for a student job during university holidays, Matthew de la Hey was “astounded” by the old-fashioned method of looking for jobs in the hospitality industry:

“You walk around with a hard copy CV handing it in to places in case a job comes up, you send off scores of applications through jobs boards and hardly anybody responds”.

In an age of services like Uber, Airbnb and Tinder, de la Hey wondered why there wasn’t an equivalent on-demand platform for job seekers that would efficiently connect supply and demand.

This was an experience shared by Alex Hanson-Smith and Chris Mackie, the pair which de la Hey joined with to start inploi; a community-driven recruitment marketplace which matches job seekers to employers looking for staff in the hospitality sector.

Positions advertised on the platform, which is accessible online and on your mobile, range from assistant front of house manager, to baristas, waiting staff, and chefs in locations across London.

inploi – which raised £250,000 in seed funding last January – charges employers on a subscription basis, with a basic, premium and enterprise model to choose from depending on their needs.

The platform facilitates every stage of the recruitment process from job advertisement, through candidate-job matching to interview. For employers, this results in reduced time to hire, reduced cost, improved quality, a better candidate experience, and a generally more efficient process.

More than 25,000 candidates are already registered (with applications growing by 33% month-on-month), as well as 1,000 employers including the likes of Gaucho, Young’s Pubs, Hilton Hotels, the Hurlingham Club, and Polpo.

Currently focused on the high staff turnover and labour mobility hospitality sector, inploi has its sight set on UK and international expansion through 2018 and 2019 as it looks to give a radical shake up to the £10bn industry…

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