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Founders: Lukas Passia and Vincent Efferoth
Founded: January 2016 (launched April 2017)
Website: www.noveltea-drinks.com

Britain is a nation of tea lovers. After water, it’s the most consumed beverage and it’s not surprising – after all; what problems can’t be solved with a cup of tea?

Hard day at work? Have a cuppa. Family problem? Have a cuppa. Issue with your finances? Never fear, the faithful cup of tea will have your back.

But we’re also a nation that loves an alcoholic tipple. The sales of gin are soaring, as is Mezcal and tequila, while ONS data shows that, in 2017, alcohol made up 3% of our average weekly household spend.

So, it goes without saying that a brand which could successfully combine our love of tea with alcohol would be on to a winning recipe, right?

Introducing NOVELTEA. The world’s first premium alcoholic tea.

Made in the UK, cold-brewed, vegan, gluten-free, and free from any artificial colours, NOVELTEA’s spirits can be served ice-cold or warm in a classic tea cup.

Bored by “incremental innovations in established product categories such as new flavoured gins and new craft beers”, founders Lukas Passia and Vincent Efferoth came up with the idea after experimenting with alcoholic tea blends in their kitchen.

The young entrepreneurs then joined the University of Newcastle’s start-up programme and won, spurring them on to launch the business in April 2017.

With two flavours; The Tale of Tangier (an infusion of Moroccan green mint tea and Caribbean rum) and The Tale of Earl Grey (Earl grey tea with British gin), NOVELTEA has become a quick hit among retailers and consumers.

In the UK, it has acquired high-end customers such as Harrods, Fenwick, and John Lewis, was crowned Start-Up of the Year at the 2017 Hospitality Business Awards North (pictured), and the public have raised a glass to the idea by investing £217,800 in an oversubscribed Crowdcube round.

While overseas, the business is in talks with several distributors from foreign markets such as China, Hong Kong, and Germany.

Combining a compelling USP with impressive early stockists and public support, we expect to be drinking to NOVELTEA’s export success over the coming 12 months!

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