10. Trint

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Founder: Jeff Kofman
Founded: 2016
Website: www.trint.com

You may think that transcribing audio has been done before. And it has. But not to Trint-level accuracy. Using both automated speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing (NLP), Trint’s AI accurately transcribes speech into text. And it doesn’t just transcribe English, either – it can process 31 global languages.

Founded by former journalist Jeff Kofman, Trint was developed to solve the pain points of the broadcasting and publishing industries. It now means interviews, speeches, and conferences can be automatically transcribed into accurate text. And problems are even solved for niche industries too, thanks to the Trint Vocab Builder, which allows people to input words that the AI may not automatically recognise.

But Kofman didn’t stop there. He also recognised that people need to play around with the text once it has been transcribed, so he developed tools that allow businesses to search, edit and highlight text, then download it in a range of file formats.

Its subscription plans are split into individual, team and enterprise, meaning freelancers to entire publishing houses can take advantage of the technology.

All of this impressed us back in 2018, when Trint reached number 20 in the Startups 100. But this year, its new additions of real-time transcription, translator tool, and project workspace has proved to us that Trint is a startup business that’s going to stick around and evolve with the times.

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