14. Genflow

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Founder: Shan Hanif
Founded: 2016
Website: www.genflow.com

Every social media influencer, athlete and celebrity has a problem. How do they turn their followers into consumers, in a way that goes beyond sponsored posts and impromptu endorsement deals.

Genflow has come up with a radical new solution – they work with their clients (everyone from superstar boxer Anthony Joshua to fashion/beauty vlogger Patricia Bright) at every stage of the process, helping them to create high-quality physical and digital products that are highly relevant to their audiences.

It’s an approach that clearly works, the direct-to-consumer brands that Genflow helps its clients launch record a 10x return on their advertising spend, selling to ready-made, emotionally invested audiences.

Genflow has thrived during the COVID-19 crisis, increasing its revenue substantially during this challenging period. It has also signed more than 40 new brands with plans to release new brands in 2020 alone, and Genflow’s clients have built their follower base by a combined 1,610%.

The young, digitally native team of 44 includes experts in product design, manufacturing, and marketing, ensuring that clients get tailored support at every stage of the process.

Genflow has ambitious growth plans over the next few years, so expect a lot more of your favourite influencers to start launching personal brands packed full of personality.

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