15. Nourished

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Founder: Melissa Snover
Founded: 2019
Website: get-nourished.com

We all know that getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals is an important part of making sure your body is performing at its best. However, the standard approach, of various pills and tablets that top up the deficiencies in diets, is not for everyone, it doesn’t fit busy lifestyles and isn’t tailored to an individual’s unique nutritional needs.

Melissa Snover founded Nourished to change that. Nourished asks users to complete a quiz on its website to work out what they need (or they pick their own combination of vitamins and superfoods). It then uses its world-leading 3D printing technology to pack all of it into one ‘stack’ that the consumer can simply eat. A month’s supply is delivered, and one stack per day gives all the nutrition required, specifically tailored for the individual’s diet and lifestyle.

Stacks are produced using the highest quality sugar-free vegan ingredients, and come in unique plastic-free packaging. Nourished is also good for the planet, helping to reduce the mountains of plastic used in producing and packaging packs of vitamin pills.

Nourished was only founded in October 2019 and is already poised to tap into a huge market – UK sales of food supplements are expected to reach £500m by 2022, and Nourished plans to launch in the US and the UAE in the second half of 2020.

With a smart business model, cutting-edge tech and a huge target market, it looks like Nourished has found the perfect formula for success.

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