32. allplants

Allplants is embracing plant-based living with home delivery of healthy, chef-made meals

Founders: Jonathan Petrides, Alex Petrides
Founded: 2016
Website: www.allplants.com

Allplants is an online, chef-to-customer service dedicated to making plant-based eating simple. Customers can subscribe to six meals at a time for home delivery, and have a choice of 50 recipes, with more launching every month. In the last three years, allplants has served over 1 million dishes nationwide.

Allplants currently has over 45,000 active subscribers, and two thirds of its customers are not vegan – meaning the company’s mission to make plant-based eating accessible and exciting is working. Perhaps that’s because allplants has been backing up its positive messaging with action, by offsetting all of the carbon on its home deliveries to planting trees in Zambia for every referred customer (5,000 and counting).

In three years, allplants has become the number one plant-based brand in the UK, and the largest plant-based kitchen in Europe. Founders Jonathan and Alex Petrides would say that’s a far cry from what started as a supper club at their kitchen table.

Allplants is catering to a rapidly growing market and offering a quality product – a winning combo if we ever saw one.


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