33. Tutor House

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Founder: Alex Dyer
Founded: 2015
Website: www.tutorhouse.co.uk

Tutor House is an online marketplace where customers can find both virtual and in-person tutoring for students of all ages and abilities. Founded by Alex Dyer, a former psychology teacher, its mission is to make personalised education accessible to everyone.

And it does just that. Since its inception in 2015, Tutor House has amassed a healthy user base in the thousands and increased the average student’s grade by three after just 20 sessions. Crucially, satisfaction is also high, with 99% of its reviews being 5 stars.

Tutor House takes commission from each tuition session, and tutors themselves earn an amount that corresponds with the number of hours they spend teaching. Practical considerations, like discounted bulk bookings for long-term tutoring and DBS check requirements for face-to-face tutoring, have endeared Tutor House to a customer base that primarily consists of parents and students looking for A-Level or GCSE tutors.

Every tutor is interviewed before they can go live on the site, ensuring quality in an industry that is often unregulated. In addition, tutors aren’t just robotically assigned based on availability or location – customers are encouraged to choose between multiple tutor “matches” that aim to meet their precise needs. The company has also diversified its services to work with a number of schools and education providers.

Tutor House has jumped from position 77 on the Startups 100 in 2019 to 33 this year. With a safety-first and quality-first approach, you don’t need a degree to see that this startup is transforming not only the lives of its students, but also the education industry as a whole.

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