48. Attest

Our experts

We are a team of writers, experimenters and researchers providing you with the best advice with zero bias or partiality.

Founder: Jeremy King
Founded: 2015
Website: www.askattest.com

Whether you’re launching a new product, investigating a new market or developing a new marketing campaign, any good business knows that customer feedback is essential for a successful data-driven approach. Gathering said feedback has historically been an expensive or slow process, which is why Attest is really making waves among businesses both big and small.

Attest has access to the insights of over 100 million people across 80 markets, and businesses can create surveys to tap into these insights in just 90 seconds, enabling them to check in regularly when creating new projects, and avoid costly mistakes.

Attest was founded by Jeremy King in 2015, and also featured in the Startups 100 in 2019. It now has a growing team of more than 50 expert employees, who deliver tailored ‘next steps’ advice following the results from any survey. In this way, the company has managed to merge the tried and tested methods of both surveys and research agencies, landing on a happy medium.

Attest wants to help companies futureproof their growth, and has really found its footing within the food and beverage, consumer tech, and consumer finance sectors, boasting big name clients including TransferWise, Heineken, Walgreens Boots, Discovery, Gymshark, and Propercorn.

With marketing getting smarter each day, Attest is at the forefront of modernising this industry and truly getting businesses to put the consumer first.

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