54. Motion Nutrition

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Founders: Joseph Welstead and Charles Matthews
Founded: 2016
Website: www.motionnutrition.com

It was 2016, and Joseph Welstead and Charles Matthews saw it all. People everywhere were doing too much work, getting too little sleep, and scraping through the day on a disagreeable cocktail of coffee and cortisol. Out of this heady mix emerged Motion Nutrition – the pair’s ambitious addition to the online organic nutritional supplements market.

Based in South London, Motion’s products are 100% organic, utilising only the most ethically-sourced herbs and botanical extracts. Its commitment to real food is matched by one to real packaging – free of plastic, and entirely biodegradable. With excellent customer approval ratings and products covering everything from sports supplements to sleep remedies, it’s clear the UK is starting to wake up to what Motion has to offer.

Over the past year, it’s shedded its status as a niche London brand to leading the UK market, with its nootropic supplements trailblazing a path into the shelf space of major retailers. 2019 saw Motion’s flagship product, Power Up + Unplug, hit over 100 Boots stores and over 200 Holland and Barrett locations. Meanwhile, Motion has increased its website sales sevenfold, and transformed its Amazon store monthly revenue from zero to £18,000… in just half a year.

And, as the world remains in the grip of a global health crisis, Motion Nutrition’s stock looks set only to rise. With Forbes and Men’s Health both lauding the supplement brand’s products – and with Welstead and Matthews’ eyes set firmly on global expansion – the wheels for this ambitious duo are most certainly in motion.

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