74. Wake Skincare

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Founders: Alex Mavor and Anton Burton
Founded: 2018
Website: www.wakeskincare.com

Millennials are often pilloried by older generations for drinking too much expensive coffee, eating too many avocados, and spending too much time looking at their phones.

However, there’s far less time and energy expended on examining the issues that a millennial lifestyle has on the body — all the blue light exposure can apparently cause a plethora of skin issues.

This is where Wake Skincare comes in. It’s developed a range of products specifically designed to combat the side-effects of a typical millennial lifestyle.

It offers an eye gel to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, as well as a face cream which prevents premature wrinkling which can be caused by blue light exposure. It has also developed a skin detox mask which can help rejuvenate a flagging millennial after a long day at work or, more likely, a long evening in the pub.

Wake Skincare products are developed by a business near to its Yorkshire base, while it handles the online marketing, selling through Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook.

Being a millennial-focused company, however, Wake Skincare has a strong ethical grounding. It donates 5% of all its profits to Women’s Aid, a domestic abuse charity to help protect the most vulnerable in society.

Who knew looking great could help so many people?

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