75. Ember Snacks

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Founders: Harry and Jack Mayhew
Founded: 2017
Website: www.embersnacks.com

You might have a guilty conscience after snacking, what with all those empty calories and lashings of sugar and salt. But, have you considered the effect snacking has on the environment?

Ember Snacks is a London based food company that aims to make tasty meat-based snacks without the problems farming and agriculture causes for our planet. Its biltong products are stocked in Sainsburys and Waitrose, as well as online with Ocado, and come in an exciting variety of flavours. It also offers a tasty salami pack. The products are made with lean meat from British and Irish farms, before being cured, marinated, and seasoned with simple ingredients using old school techniques.

Founders Jack and Harry Mayhew grew up on a farm in Suffolk, so they appreciate the quality of good quality meat more than anyone. However, with ongoing concerns around the environmental impact of livestock farming, they’re keen to point to Ember Snacks’ ethical credentials.

The long term plan for Ember Snacks is to eliminate factory farming for good, relying on well-kept animals on well-kept farms. The company is also pushing for regenerative farming practices, so it can be completely carbon neutral and completely circular.

While you might have thought that cured meats are becoming less popular as people become more health conscious, Ember has proven that meat and health needn’t be incompatible.

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