86. Hive Minded

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Founders: Josy Rolls and Ray Healey
Founded: 2020
Website: www.hivemindedhabits.com

What makes a business great? Increasingly, businesses are recognising that success should be measured beyond such crude metrics as profit. It’s a good indicator of some things, sure, but what’s the point in a cash-rich company that’s full of miserable employees.

That’s the idea behind Hive Minded, a fledgling not-for-profit organisation (it was only launched this year!) that’s aiming to help workers release stress, improve their mental health and access skills that they can pass onto their own families.

Founded by working mums Josy Rolls and Ray Healey, Hive Minded launched its first crowdfunding campaign just as COVID-19 began to rear its ugly head. Because of this, the organisation decided that its first focus would be a wellness project for key workers.

Hive Minded has teamed up with an array of wellness practitioners to launch a series of free video resources that demonstrate simple yet effective practices to help relieve stress and anxiety, such as yoga, meditation, self-massage, and even foraging.

In a world where jobseekers and consumers are demanding more transparency around business practices, and companies are recognising that looking after their employees and helping them to fulfil their potential has a positive knock on impact for the company, Hive Minded is poised for success in every sense of the word.

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