89. Adverttu

The business with a 17,000-strong fleet of advert-wrapped vehicles, each delivering an average of 20,900 impressions per day

Founder: Artjom Jekimtsev
Founded: 2015
Website: www.adverttu.com

In a world where even billboards have gone digital, you might think that wrapped vehicles are a bit, well, old-fashioned. But think again.

Founded by Artjom Jekimstev in 2015, Adverttu claims that each of the vehicles in its 17,000-strong fleet achieves an average of 20,900 impressions – that’s the number of people that see your content – per day, equating to 8 million impressions per year.

That means on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) basis, it works out cheaper than nearly every other form of out of home advertising – at 79p CPM, compared to 97p CPM for billboards and £5.62 CPM for radio.

And it’s highly data driven. Adverttu can simulate and predict audiences, time periods, and locations for a client’s proposed campaign before they’ve committed. Once a campaign is live, Adverttu tracks and reports on a wealth of detailed analytics, which the client can monitor and assess using an online platform.

But who are the people driving around in these heavily-branded cars? Adverttu’s drivers are gig workers, everyday people, commercial fleet drivers, delivery drivers, and drivers for any business that wants to maximise its fleet’s promotional impact. Individual drivers, who can earn up to £150/month by wrapping their car, are matched with campaigns through the Adverttu’s mobile app.

The client then pays for the graphics and the wrapping costs, and drivers are charged a flexible service fee per mile from their impressions generated.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Adverttu launched an NHS Volunteer Programme, which connects businesses and brands with Adverttu’s drivers working across gig economy delivery services, healthcare, the military, the public sector, and NHS Volunteers.

With a savvy business model and a driven team, this startup is gearing up for a big future


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