90. Olvin

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Founder: Sam Amrani
Founded: 2019
Website: www.olvin.com

It’s easy to understand what Olvin does. It helps retailers, property owners, and product based businesses that rely on brick and mortar for their trade to understand their customers better by using predictive behavioural analytics.

How it does this is altogether more complicated, but stunningly clever.

Brainchild of Sam Amrani, Olvin’s Almanac AI engine makes use of a variety of data sets, including property prices, demographics, mobility, and open-data, to assess the probability of billions of events and whether they’ve had a positive or negative impact on trade.

The stats are dizzying: 10 million points of interest analysed, 1 billion data points processed per day, and 10 trillion potential outcomes…

The beauty of this is that all the information is then condensed and conveyed on a smart and simple interface, with detailed forecasts on consumer trends that clients can use to make proactive decisions about how to run their businesses.

These insights can help brick and mortar businesses be as reactive and flexible as online rivals, levelling the playing field in an increasingly digital retail sector.

Olvin’s clients can opt for a premium ($199/month) or a pro ($249/month) plan, the difference between them being how many data sets are processed, and, therefore, the level of insight provided.

Although there have been insight platforms before, Olvin’s absolute focus on the consumer factors that can determine the success or failure of a business looks set to be a gamechanger…

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