91. easyGuide

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Founder: Blake Anthony Reddy
Founded: 2019
Website: www.easyguide.biz

Founded in 2019 by CEO Blake Anthony Reddy, the easyGuide service is headquartered in London, but pairs over 100 million customers per year with a bespoke itinerary of potential activities within any one of 30 different major cities around the world.

The platform’s recommendation engine uses customer profiles and geo-location data to figure out the best events, restaurants, tours, or theatre shows to suggest.

Once a customer finds something they like, they can book tickets directly from easyGuide. As a bonus, the easyGuide platform delivers special discounts from hundreds of local establishments. Since easyGuide is part of the larger “easy” portfolio that includes easyJet and easyHotel, it has a money-saving ethos to live up to, as well as the connections to find extra deals that do just that.

Users can opt for easyGuide’s itinerary planner service, which pairs a series of recommendations with a potential route for exploring the city in question. It’s a boon for those who love exploring a new city but can get overwhelmed by the choices. Say you’ve already bought tickets to allow two adults and two children to attend Madame Tussauds in London for 11am: easyGuide will assume you’re looking for lunch, and can offer up a range of the top family-oriented restaurants within walking distance of the famous wax museum.

When relying on easyGuide, customers might not know what they’ll get. But that’s the point. easyGuide offers people a chance to uncover an event they didn’t know they’d love. And that’s what we love about it, and why we consider it one of the best startups of 2020.

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