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Founder: Stuart Cheetham and Richard Fitch
Founded: 2019
Website: www.mqube.com

M:QUBE’s mission is to cut all the agonising paperwork out of financing a home purchase. Currently, the time-consuming application process can leave borrowers paying 4% more than cash buyers or even missing out on opportunities entirely.

Stuart Cheetham and Richard Fitch founded M:QUBE in 2019 to address this issue. Through their speedy AI-enabled platform, brokers’ application processing time can drop from 10 hours to just a few minutes.

M:QUBE’s deep learning tech lets its platform source and analyse over 1,000 data-points on individual borrowers to support accurate, real-time underwriting. The lenders that M:QUBE works with — banks, non-bank lenders, asset managers, and insurers — pay M:QUBE a fee for each high-quality mortgage origination the operation delivers at scale.

There are plenty of competing mortgage startups in the £270bn per annum UK mortgage sector, but many simply digitise the application process, rather than fully replacing it with faster automation. M:QUBE doesn’t disrupt the broker system, though, but streamlines it instead: armed with the M:QUBE platform, mortgage brokers can source the best mortgage for their borrowers, with scalable distribution. It’s a mutually beneficial deal for borrowers, lenders and brokers alike.

M:QUBE stands out by giving consumers a better purchase price, higher borrowing potential, and a (relatively) stress-free experience with what may well be the single biggest investment decision of their lives. And, by partnering with existing lenders, M:QUBE can pair the best mortgage products with its unique process.

In a crowded market, M:QUBE is standing strong, and standing out.

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