93. Bibblio

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Founders: Mads Holmen & Rich Simmonds
Founded: 2015
Website: www.bibblio.com

A London-based business founded in 2015 by Mads Holmen and Rich Simmonds, Bibblio is all about helping businesses create loyal fans, which is one of the reasons it’s made the Startups 100 index two years in a row.

In 2020, engaging with users is far from a walk in the park. Outside of getting their attention and keeping it, companies and individuals around the world are scrambling to find genuine, monetisable strategies that can get people to actually engage with their content. That’s where Bibblio comes in.

As a SaaS content recommendation platform, Bibblio helps companies and individuals to facilitate an appealing discovery funnel by nudging and suggesting additional resources that coincides with user needs and desires. Thanks to AI and machine learning, the software can recommend content based on meaningful information, rather than relying on questionable and unpopular adtech-based strategies.

Bibblio’s approach to improve the content funnel of businesses is three fold: lessen bounce rate, improve performance of revenue-based content, and advanced syndication opportunities. With this strategy, users will be able to attract loyal readers, make money, and spread their brand to new users.

With an impressive client list ranging from National Geographic to The Drum, Bibblio has been making waves in the industry for a while. We’re excited to see who this startup is going to help next.

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