94. Vet-AI

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Founders: Robert Dawson, Sarah Warren, and Paul Hallett
Founded: 2017
Website: www.joiipetcare.com

Vet-AI is disrupting the £100bn veterinary market by offering an app that gives pet owners access to professional veterinary advice and treatment in just a few taps. Consisting of leading figureheads from veterinary and entrepreneurial backgrounds, the Vet-AI team is well qualified to succeed in its mission.

Vet-AI’s flagship brand Joii was launched in 2019, and at the heart of the Joii app is Vet-AI’s patented AI technology, which predicts a pet’s likelihood of contracting a disease based on learned information.

In fact, so significant is Vet-AI’s technology, the research and development team behind the app has moved to the University of Leeds R&D Centre, where it’s been joined by Nexus and leading academics to further develop the AI technology.

The app is available on Google Play and the App Store, and is already amassing an incredible 500 downloads an hour. Not only that, it’s gained the backing of pet insurance giant Animal Friends, and leading animal welfare charity the PDSA.

Having been recognised as a top six B2C start-up in Europe by TechCrunch/Google in 2019, Vet-AI’s dedication to technological innovation alongside a customer-centric approach to business is certainly gaining it traction, and we can’t wait to see what else the future has in store for this startup.

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