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Founders: Max Parmentier, Rajiv Tanna, Abeed Mohammed, Gwen Le Calvez
Founded: 2017
Website: www.birdie.care

Recognising that more needs to be done to solve the ageing crisis, Birdie founders Max Parmentier, Rajiv Tanna, Abeed Mohammed, and Gwen Le Calvez developed a platform that would bring elderly care to a whole new level.

Birdie is a tech platform fastforwarding elderly care into the future. Its holistic approach means every person within an elderly person’s care network is kept up to date with their general condition, care visits, and health stats.

The clever platform integrates with home monitoring devices, clinical devices, and NHS systems, and soon it’ll have the capability to take biometric observations, such as temperature and blood pressure.

Its machine learning can combine data from all of the above to identify potential health risks before they happen. Birdie claims that this, alongside promoting an open channel of communication between all caregivers, could lower hospital admissions by 50%.

Birdie currently has over 10,000 users, and the positive numbers keep flooding in.

On top of that, the Birdie team has grown to a size of 50+ people in just three years, and has recently been recognised for its innovative approach to staff engagement by being voted number one in Real Business’ UK Culture Leader Awards 2019.

As the healthcare sector becomes increasingly reliant on new technology, we’re sure Birdie’s success will continue to soar.

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