App of the Year 2015: Meet the finalists

Find out which mobile commerce players rising up the app download charts stand a chance of being named the UK's best app-based start-up

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It sometimes feels that the line between web and mobile commerce is so blurred as to be indistinguishable. But there is a generation of start-ups that have started life as an app and rely entirely on mobile transactions.

By creating the App of the Year category, we set out to discover great utility or consumer apps being downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people.

Our six finalists all offer something unique, are taking off fast, and are generating revenues to that prove apps can be lucrative too.


The “ultimate parking app”, AppyParking takes the guesswork out of parking by giving drivers complete choice and peace of mind about any destination. By helping drivers find parking more quickly, the business – partnered with Ford and Vodafone – says it reduces congestion and pollution for cities while increasing productivity for businesses.

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A ticketing app which offers access to the best gigs, nightclubs and festivals with no booking fees – paying the face value price that the artist and promoter intended you to pay. Live in London, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow and Cardiff, artists such as Taylor Swift and Jessie Ware have already sold tickets through the app.

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A pre-school app combining over 5,000 popular kids TV shows such as 64 Zoo Lane and Angelina Ballerina with educational games. Backed by Davina McCall, the ad-free app uses personalisation and quality content and wants to help keep toddlers active and engaged.

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The UK’s “number one” pub finding app. Advertised as the Roger Federer of sports apps, it helps you find the nearest pubs or sports bars across the UK showing live sports on BT and Sky Sports, for free, and works with brands such as Heineken, Diageo and Carlsberg.

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The mini-cab and taxi booking app which allows you to instantly compare and book professional, licensed cabs from taxi companies in 30 major cities across the UK. Partnered with O2, the app allows you to get the best deal for your journey based on location, pick-up time, date and number of passengers.

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The digital shopping list and recipe finder app which looks to make food shopping a “breeze”. Founded by former Apprentice contestant Nick Holzherr, the app allows you to view lists and tick off items as you go and even lets you email shopping lists to family members for collaboration.

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