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Start-up name: Netduma
Founders: Iain Fraser and Luke Barlow
Started in: 2011 (launched 2014)
Based in: Luton
Business description: Router software

Selling “the only router in the world that will fix lag”, Netduma has proved somewhat of a godsend for gamers across the world.

Using Netduma’s router extension, players experience increased online efficiency as it eliminates the usual queues and connection issues normally caused by simultaneous internet use within a family household or office.

Launched less than two years ago by university students Iain Fraser and Luke Barlow, the pair’s lightbulb moment came after they became frustrated with their dodgy internet connection – which was impacted on by their friends’ hogging the bandwidth.

Some of Netduma’s best features include Deny & Allow; which allows users to block players with poor connections, Anti-flood; which eliminates congestion caused by excessive downloading, and Geo-filter; which guarantees players a host close to their home.

Now sold in over 75 countries around the world, 50% of Netduma’s sales come from America while demand in Germany, France, Spain and the Middle East is also strong.

What’s perhaps most impressive about Netduma, however, is that the business has grown entirely without external investment. This fact, merged with the start-up’s fantastic growth and international expansion, meant that our judges saw it fit to name the business our Lean Start-up of the Year 2016.

An inspirational category, on-demand rubbish removal Clearabee received the highly-commended award, while personal alarm service Lifeline 24 took the commended accolade.

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