People’s Champion finalist 2016: ClearScore

With 2.5 million users, the free credit scoring service says it will remain just that, free. Does it get your vote for People's Champion?

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Start-up name: ClearScore
Justin Basini
Started in:
July 2015
Based in:
Business description:
Credit scoring service

Shortlisted categories:

Venture Funded Business of the Year, Tech Business of the Year

The ClearScore story:

On a mission to “help every single person in the UK to master their money”, ClearScore allows users free access to their credit report so they can monitor their financial situation.

Offering unbiased information about the best and cheapest financial products available, ClearScore’s ultimate goal is that “no one ever overpays for their credit”.

In December 2015, the start-up launched its first app – which trended as the most popular free finance app on the App store that month -and it remains in the top 10 free finance apps in the iTunes store.

This was followed by an AppleWatch app, which allowed users to check their credit score by simply glancing at their watch – a UK first.

In June 2016, ClearScore launched a new ‘timeline’ feature. A tool that allows customers access to a ‘big picture’ view of their finance and charts the relationship between different aspects of a person’s finances including their score, long term and short term debt – letting people see how and why their credit score has changed over time.

Why ClearScore made our shortlist:

Claiming to have a 2.5 million users with an average rate of 10,000 new sign-ups every day, ClearScore’s guarantee of providing a free service forever makes it easy to see why so many people are flocking to the service.

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