Tech Business of the Year 2016: Meet the finalists

From foodtech to fintech, these start-ups are all disrupting the tech industry in some way. Say hello to our tech finalists..

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Clearscore offers free credit checking and credit report services to UK consumers online; without the need for a credit card or bank details. A user’s score is updated monthly and you’re able to use its dashboard as often as you like.

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Decibel Insight

Decibel Insight seeks to solve problems for some of the world’s largest websites. It offers unique insights on visitor behaviour and can identify where consumers become frustrated when using a specific website and where errors occur.

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Using maching learning and artificial intelligence, Onfido’s tech platform enables businesses to benefit from automated background checking services. Having worked with over 1,000 business globally, the business recently secured a $25m Series B round to expand further in UK and US markets.

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Ormsby Street

Providing a range of products to help small businesses access the same useful insights usually only available to bigger companies, Ormsby Street helps small businesses “make big decisions”. Focused on tackling late payments issues, its technology can be used to run credit checks on businesses and partners.

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Aiming to save the manufacturing industry millions with its predictive marketing tools, Senseye’s PROGNOSYS diagnoses future or current machine issues without the need for manual analysis. It works with one of the largest automotive equipment manufacturers.

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The online subscription service, analyses your dog’s nutritional requirements and taste preferences before creating and delivering tailor made dog food. More than 40,000 canine customers have signed up so far.

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