People’s Champion finalist 2016: Decibel Insight

With a client list that includes British Airways and General Motors, Decibel Insight provides analytics with a difference. Is it your People's Champion?

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Start-up name: Decibel Insight
Founder: Ben Harris
Started in: November 2013
Based in:
Business description: Analytics platform which reveals exactly how your online visitors behave and where problems are your site

Shortlisted category:

Tech Business of the Year, Innovative Business of the Year

The Decibel Insight story:

A “global leader in cutting-edge customer experience analytics”, Decibel Insight was launched in November 2013 by Ben Harris.

While previously running a web design and build agency, Harris developed a basic set of website heatmaps which aimed to give his clients a more actionable perspective on web analytics data.

Realising the market opportunity for such analytics, Harris quickly set up another start-up (which would become Decibel Insight) staffed by sub-nuclear physicists and PhDs to develop the concept.

Unlike more traditional web analytics tools which focus on the flow of traffic through a website, Decibel Insight tracks and reports visitor behavior as they interact with each page.

Armed with this understanding of how visitors see and experience a website, and backed by hard data, Harris’s clients can improve their online customer experience and satisfaction.

Why Decibel Insight made our shortlist:

Now with a team of 50 just three years since launch, Decibel Insight has already expanded internationally with several offices in America such as Denver, Colorado, Austin, Texas, and Boston, Massachusetts.

With its client base also featuring the likes of Lego, British Airways, General Motors, Tesco and Kraft Foods, they would certainly be worthy winners. But does it get your vote?

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