People’s Champion finalist 2016: eve Sleep

This online platform is disrupting the antiquated mattress industry to guarantee users a great night’s sleep. Does it get your vote?

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Start-up name: eve Sleep            
Founders: James Fryer, Jas Bagniewski, Kuba Wieczorek and Felix Lobkovich
Started in: February 2015
Based in:
Business description: E-commerce mattress company

Shortlisted categories:

Export Business of the Year, Venture Funded Business of the Year, Product Business of the Year

The eve Sleep story:

Many people dream of starting a business while not releasing the perfect idea might be right under their, er, nose.

Thankfully for James Fryer, Jas Bagniewski, Kuba Wieczorek and Felix Lobkovich, the trio didn’t rest on their laurels and founded eve Sleep just last year.

An e-commerce company, eve Sleep produces ‘one perfect mattress’ made from next generation memory foam that spans 11 sizes from UK single to seven foot squared

The company delivers direct to its customers within “three sleeps”, and, confident in the quality of its product, offers a 100-night sleep trial, with the option to return if not satisfied.

Just last September, the mattress company partnered with Debenhams to launch its ‘Nap Pods’ in the retailer’s Oxford Street store. The pods allow consumers to trial eve mattresses before they commit to buying one.

In October 2016, the start-up raised £13.9m in Series B funding, taking total investment into the company to £17m, with its latest funding round supporting expansion into Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Austria and the Netherlands for the first time.

eve has also teased that the investment will fuel the development of a host of new products “designed to make your life that little bit easier”.

Why eve Sleep made our shortlist:

Already boasting revenues to make your eyes water, the numbers would be highly desirable for a successful business of 10 years standing, let alone one effectively in its infancy. It’s clear eve sleep is not planning to rest on its laurels.

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