People’s Champion Finalist: 3rings

The Internet of Things app lets you keep an eye on elderly loved ones unobtrusively. But will the tech start-up make it as your People’s Champion?

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Start-up name: 3rings
Founder: Steve Purdham, Julie Purdham and Gareth Reakes
Started in: 2013 (launched 2015)
Based in: Oxford
Business description: App-based device which lets your family know aged loved ones are OK


Shortlisted category:

Rising Star of the Year

The 3rings story:

The Internet of Things (IoT) market is booming and 3rings is the latest start-up to maximise on this thriving tech trend with its internet-connected app device.

Launched in April 2013, 3rings combines a ‘smartplug’ and cloud-based care platform which lets you and your family keep an eye on your relatives regardless of distance; signalling when an action is undertaken by your loved one such as the kettle or TV being switched on or off.

The patent-pending smartplug is able to connect to everyday appliances which then send a signal to your cloud portal, notifying you if everything is okay or sending an alert if there is no activity detected.

A modern day alternative to the age-old ‘three rings code’ which was often used by families to check on relatives, 3rings’ innovative solution has already had a wealth of support with a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding round and it recently won a Proof of Market grant from government body Innovate UK.

With nine employees and an appearance on BBC Dragons’ Den under its belt, 3rings’ ultimate goal is to “allow ageing loved ones to live independent lives longer” and give families better peace of mind.

Why 3rings made our 60:

3rings has created a disruptive solution to care monitoring and while it doesn’t intend to replace calls, visits, or even ‘red button’ alerts, it is evidence of just what can be achieved through the power of IoT. With patents currently pending, 3rings could be set to make a name for itself in the care industry.

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