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Start-up name: Beer52
Founder: James Brown, 24
Started in: 2013
Based in: Edinburgh
Business description: Craft beer club

Beer52The Beer52 story:

James Brown’s own voyage of discovery was an epic road trip on a Harley-Davidson riding from Edinburgh to Portugal. His stops at the local pubs and brewhouses that loved their craft led to him tasting beers a world away from the slick marketing efforts that dominate our media.

No doubt abiding by drink-driving regulations, Brown managed to consume an impressive array of delicious unheard-of beers and returned with the desire to share his discoveries with the world. Beer52 was born.

The appetite for Brown’s craft beer club is unquestionable with claims that it is the UK’s most popular carrying weight and revenues already exceeding £1m from thousands of subscribers. In addition, the company raised £100,000 via Angels Den and investment from Secret Escapes’ co-founder Andrew Bredon. And with an assembled committee of expert beer tasters, which includes investor, director, and SuperJam entrepreneur Fraser Doherty MBE, there is unlikely to be a microbrewery in the world that is beyond its reach.

“We got to where we are by giving beer drinkers the best damn beers on the planet,” it cries from its site. “Our resident beer experts have visited breweries all around the world, in the search of the most interesting brews they can find. We deliver a carefully curated case of these craft beers from our favourite microbreweries every month.”

Much like Naked Wines is to wines, community is key. For Beer52 the independent breweries matter, with the company working closely to ensure its members get to try their brews first, while also sharing background details on the brewers with its community.

Why Beer52 made our 50:

There’s been a rising tide of microbreweries and the club’s that share their produce with the world are wide and varied. Beer52 is a star among them, with enviable growth and entrepreneurial expertise in spades.

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