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Start-up name: CommuterClub
Founder: Petko Plachkov, 29
Started in: 2014
Based in: London
Business description: Peer-to-peer lender helping commuters save on season tickets

CommuterClub logoThe CommuterClub story:

Anyone who uses public transport in London – which is the vast majority of workers – will be well aware of the high costs involved. Many commuters opt to save money by buying annual season tickets, which, whilst they do offer significant savings of around 30%, require a huge outlay of thousands of pounds upfront and tie users in to restrictive 12-month contracts.

With the average Londoner spending in excess of £1,500 a year getting to and from work, consumers have been crying out for an affordable solution for years, and they may just have found one in CommuterClub. Supported by peer-to-peer lending, CommuterClub allows passengers to reap the cost benefits of a season ticket by paying for it in affordable, flexible monthly instalments (which they can stop at any time). These loans are backed by a highly affordable 5.6% rate of interest, which Platchkov says will save the average consumer £200 a year on their commute compared to the current cheapest option – a saving that’s not to be sniffed at.

Indeed, it’s difficult to see the catch from a consumer point of view – they gain access to the flexibility of a monthly ticket with the savings of a season pass, and the whole service is delivered via an easy-to-use portal that allows orders to be placed in minutes. Users also gain access to exclusive deals with partner firms including Uber, Time Out and Hello Fresh. With the UK season ticket market worth more than £4bn, the potential for growth is massive.

The tech firm works in partnership with leading peer-to-peer lending platform Ratesetter to offer its subscription deal, bringing together the transparency and low cost of peer-to-peer lending with CommuterClub’s own unique business model, so both lenders and consumers win. Just a few months of trading in, CommuterClub could be set for greatness.

Why CommuterClub made our 50:

A win-win for consumers and lenders, CommuterClub’s proposition is irresistible – delivering an impressive business model, backed by smart technology and peer-to-peer lending, it’s hard to see how the ambitious business won’t go far.

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