People’s Champion Finalist: Cornerstone

The start-up bringing simplicity back to shaving – does this subscription service that matches your shaving schedule get your vote?

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Start-up name: Cornerstone
Founders: Oliver Bridge
Started in: 2014
Based in: London
Business description: Online store selling subscription men’s razors and shaving products


Shortlisted category:

Crowdfunded Business of the Year

The Cornerstone story:

With leading shave brands seemingly trying to outdo each other by adding an innumerable number of blades and redundant features, Oliver Bridge’s Cornerstone works on the principle that a good razor “doesn’t need to be complicated”.

Selling all you need for the perfect shave – razor, gel, face-scrub and post-shave balm – the business operates on a flexible delivery schedule that matches your shave routine. Cornerstone’s success lies in its simplicity – a brand focused on doing a small number of products well, its signature razor has a lightweight, aluminium handle crafted in Britain, with blades engineered in Germany. 

It seems men are ready for a different shaving experience, with the brand racking up impressive sales from over 5,000 customers in just 12 months – and with recent coverage in leading men’s publications Esquire and GQ, Cornerstone is likely to be discovered by an even wider audience.

Claiming: “You won’t ever find us with 12 different razors or using incomprehensible space age ingredients in our products” – this is a start-up to get behind if you like ease and simplicity.

Why Cornerstone made our 60:

This small team of five has achieved a lot in just over a year, now backed by £1.3m in funding including an overfunded £900,000 crowdfunding campaign, it will be interesting to see what it can achieve in the next year.

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