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Start-up name: e-finity Leads
Founder: Alain Desmier and Matt Edwards, 31 and 34
Started in:
Based in: Bristol
Business description: Lead generation made simple

eFinityLeads.logo_cmykThe e-finity Leads story:

Lead gen businesses are never going to be the most glamorous of start-ups, as founder Alain Desmier says himself, the word sales often conjures up an image of “a hyper aggressive sales floor with pressure, targets and broken dreams”. However, the reality of 2014 paints a different picture for sales. And Desmier and Matt Edwards’ business e-finity Leads is on a mission to be different too.

Wanting to build a business they could be proud of, the duo have worked hard to build an effective team and to become partners for their clients, rather than just suppliers. It also operates a return-on-investment model – the business only makes money if its customers do – a strategy that appears to be paying dividends.

With a focus on consumer-facing websites that help connect potential customers to product experts, (to ultimately generate leads), the company started with a single product and a single customer and in just two years the business has diversified to 23 products and 427 customers – facilitating over 120,000 connections.

Continually innovating in a somewhat static space, e-finity Lead’s technology was built in house which allows them to constantly adapt and evolve to support the demands of their customers, unlike some competitors. The business is also focused on sustainability, profits have been reinvested to ensure the ambitious start-up continues on its fast upward track.

Desmier claims: “Some business talk a good game but never make any money. Other business make lots of money but have a product that they aren’t proud about or create a poisonous culture that results in high staff turnover.” e-finity Leads strive to break that mould.

Why e-finity Leads made our 50:

In just two years, e-finity Leads has built a profitable company with impressive revenues and integral core values. Having facilitated 120,000 connections across 23 products, the start-up is definitely one to watch. 

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