People’s Champion Finalist: Ebsford Environmental

Does the Yorkshire company taming the scourge of Japanese knotweed deserve your vote?

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Start-up name: Ebsford Environmental
Founder: Nick Hartley
Started in: 2011
Based in: Wakefield
Business description: Bespoke environmental and ecological remediation solutions 


Shortlisted category:

Innovative Business of the Year

The Ebsford Environmental story:

Aquatic and vegetation problems may not be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but they represent a massive potential market, and one that Yorkshire-based Ebsford Environmental is poised to exploit. 

Ebsford provides a range of environmental and ecological remediation services to the property construction and development market, including the eradication of invasive species, large scale de-silting, flood defence and aquatic restoration.

One area the company is really proving itself in is the eradication of the scourge of Japanese knotweed, which can cause house prices to plummet wherever it thrives. Whereas many companies offer only slow by-hand removal, the Enviroscreen 20-20 is said to be the only dedicated, high-volume, purpose built machine available in the UK – and what’s more, the process doesn’t involve chemical applications or removal to landfill.

The last few years has seen the company expand its operation throughout and beyond Yorkshire, growing its staff from three to 22, with many recruited through apprenticeships.

Why Ebsford Environmental made our 60:

From a modest turnover in its first year, Ebsford projects multi-million revenues for 2015 as it works to protect and restore Britain’s land and waterways. A supporter of local community groups and charities, the company deserves praise for its innovative but environmentally and economically sustainable solutions.

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