People’s Champion Finalist: Eyetease

Will Eyetease’s eye catching taxi top adverts around London attract your vote?

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Start-up name: Eyetease
Founder: Richard Corbett
Started in: 2012
Based in: London
Business description: Digital rooftop advertising for taxis

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Innovative Business of the Year
Lean Start-up of the Year

The Eyetease story: 

During a trip to New York in the depths of the recession, Eyetease founder Richard Corbett was inspired by the traditional plastic lightbox adverts found on taxi rooftops. 

Upon returning to London, research into the market convinced him that a digital evolution of the outdated, expensive and inflexible print adverts would be readily embraced by brands and agencies. After four years overcoming technical and regulatory difficulties, the iTaxitop was approved for use on London’s taxis in 2014 – and a $4.5m deal with US tech firm Verifone Inc saw the operation rolled out across London.

The company’s success inevitably led to competition, but Eyetease has continued to innovate and expand, introducing CabWifi – free to use provided you watch a 15 second advert – and securing a contract to develop a US version of the iTaxitop, again with Verifone, which controls 95% of all taxi media in New York. The company will develop the technology in the UK and are planning to open a New York office in early 2016.

Why Eyetease made our 60:

 Though its journey has been fraught with red tape and technological restrictions, this small British start-up has achieved an international presence thanks to its innovative technology, alongside securing an exclusive contract with one of the biggest players in the global market. 

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