People’s Champion Finalist: Flavourly

Meet the innovative gourmet food delivery start-up and Startups Awards People’s Champion hopeful…

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Start-up name: Flavourly
Founder: Ryan O’Rorke
Started in: 2012
Based in: Edinburgh
Business description: Gourmet food and craft beer delivery service

flavourly-2Flavourly story:

Ryan O’Rorke’s Flavourly story started in the modest environs of his grandmother’s garage, as he packed his food boxes by candlelight and crossed his fingers in the hope of business success. Just two years later, Flavourly is growing by 600% a year, is on track to hit the £1m sales mark, and European expansion is on the cards.

The Edinburgh-based business is one of a growing number of food delivery start-ups in the UK, but delivers a unique twist. Instead of recipe ingredients or groceries, Flavourly delivers its customers a mouthwatering selection box filled with the finest independently-produced artisan British foods and craft beer for a flat monthly fee. Breads, spreads and booze are all represented – no two monthly boxes are ever the same, ensuring consumers receive a delicious surprise every time.

For producers, the model works just as well; small artisan producers face a constant struggle to raise their profile in the UK’s competitive food market, and Flavourly gives them a nationwide platform in which to showcase their ware

It is a concept that has proved hugely popular with investors, too; originally backed by a £34,000 grant from the Scottish EDGE awards, the business raised £155,000 in just under 24 hours on the Angels Den crowdfunding platform earlier in 2014, marking the fastest deal of the year.

With market share still small, Flavourly’s potential is huge. O’Rorke told the business’ continued success is underpinned by his own philosophy – “If someone says you can’t do it, it’s because they can’t do it. There is enough room at the top, it’s the bottom that’s crowded”.

Why Flavourly made our 50:

Championing excellent independent British produce is impressive enough, but doing it whilst growing a business by 600% a year is a truly special feat.

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