People’s Champion Finalist: Frog Bikes

The family firm making lightweight bikes for children – could this innovative product business secure your vote?

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Start-up name: Frog Bikes
Founders: Jerry and Shelley Lawson
Started in: 2013
Based in: Surrey
Business description: Lightweight bikes for kids

Shortlisted categories:

Export Business of the Year
Product Business of the Year

The Frog Bikes story:

When it came to teaching their two young children to ride bikes, keen cyclists Jerry and Shelley Lawson grew frustrated at the cumbersome and poorly designed bikes on offer – which could often be as heavy as the kids themselves.

Together, they launched Frog Bikes around a simple idea: the lighter the bike the easier it is for children to learn and progress.

Based on biomechanical research into how children ride, Frog Bikes’ range of balance, hybrid, road and track bikes use a lightweight but strong aluminium frame, which makes it easier to propel, balance and stop. And of course, the Lawson kids and their friends have been on hand to test every model since the first prototype to check they’re up to scratch. 

Just two and a half years after launch, the small family firm is already taking on the big global players, peddling its wares to nearly 700 independent bike shops across the UK and Europe.

And it’s not just retailers who’ve been won over; a number of schools and local authorities have chosen Frog Bikes as their official fleet of training bikes, and Team Sky partnered with the company in 2014 to produce a range of branded bikes and accessories for children.

Why Frog Bikes made our 60: 

Still 100% family-owned, Frog Bikes has made leaps and bounds in a market dominated by established global brands. And despite its success, remains environmentally friendly with recycled packaging, green electricity and its ‘Leapfrog programme’ to keep old bikes out of landfill.

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