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Start-up name: Gate One
Founders: Tim Phillips, Simon Dennis, David Holliday and Alex McEvoy
Started in: 2013
Based in: London
Business description: Specialist business transformation consultancy


Shortlisted category:

Service Business of the Year

The Gate One story: 

A group of four friends and colleagues with experience in large global and small boutique consultancies, Tim Phillips, Simon Dennis, David Holliday and Alex McEvoy formed Gate One with a shared philosophy: a consulting firm focused entirely on “transforming its clients’ businesses for the better”.

Gate One offers specialist “business transformation”, defining its service as “implementing a business strategy to get bottom line results, through smart and disciplined portfolio, programme and project management”. Regardless of whether this is to adapt to a changing market, to strategically reposition or simply to grow, the consultancy seeks to add measurable value in increased revenue, improved customer satisfaction or reduced costs.

After being contracted by a client under time and materials, risk and reward or fixed price, Gate One simply supplies the resources and engages with the client for as long as is necessary – which can range from a week to over a year.

The company distinguishes itself from larger rivals with a focused, tailored approach, typically placing teams of no more than two or three within leadership positions to whatever it takes to “make the transformation a success”.

Why Gate One made our 60:

A small consultancy in a big market with bigger ambitions – Gate One plans to capitalise on its success to date with multimillion pound revenue increases, new hires to the consultancy team and the addition of three or more blue chip clients within the next year. With seven figure revenues already, this start-up’s dream to transform Britain’s businesses for the better is one we can get behind.

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