People’s Champion Finalist: Gnatta

The start-up helping businesses listen to, and engage with, customers on social media – has it done enough to swing your vote?

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Start-up name: Gnatta
Founders: Jack Barmby
Started in: 2014
Based in: Bury
Business description: Social media customer service software


Shortlisted category:

Tech Business of the Year

The Gnatta story:

With the plethora of social media channels available, it can be difficult for brands to monitor all that highly valuable chatter online. Nurtured from the seeds of a university project to allow multiple operators to work on one twitter account, Gnatta developed into software that could help businesses manage all their social media needs.

As its user base grew, the company integrated everything from Facebook to Twitter and SMS to allow businesses to engage with customers individually from a single interface. It also provides a suite of analytics to give users the chance to gain valuable insights about their customers from across the social media spectrum.

Even more useful is a feature that enables companies to pinpoint particular demographics based on a variety of metrics, including filtering by what’s being said or reading information from their bios.

Gnatta splits its offering into three bands; a 30 day free trial, £39.99 a month which includes limited interactions, channels and support, or £89.99 a month, which has no limitations.

Why Gnatta made our 60:

Gnatta currently has more than 500 users dealing with over a million conversations a month with plans to make communication completely agnostic no matter where it takes place. The potential for businesses to benefit from the offering of this young start-up is obvious, and having partnered with clients such as ASOS, Mothercare and UFC it’s clear that brands are taking notice.

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