People’s Champion Finalist: Grill Market

Learn why this “whole hearty, healthy food” establishment has been chosen as one of our People’s Champion candidates and why they might deserve your vote

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Start-up name: Grill Market
Founder: Tom Gurney, 29
Started in: 2014
Based in: London
Business description: Restaurant, caterer and delivery service

grill market logoThe Grill Market story:

Situated in Holborn, Grill Market specialise in fast, seasonal food that’s the perfect balance between healthy and traditional; with a combination customizable salads and favourites such as BBQ pork sandwiches.

Founder Tom Gurney grew up on a farm where express food was not an option and meals were associated with catching up with one another. Gurney want to recreate this feeling with his Holborn establishment and create “a kitchen away from home” for people. All produce is sustainably and locally sourced, and the business have a personal relationship with suppliers and follows sustainable practices.

The business is geared towards busy Londoners, with the company stating “we believe that our time away from the desk should be treasured” and therefore all food is prepared quickly – though to order – and can be taken away in disposable lunch boxes. The business also offers office delivery and catering to local businesses.

Since launching in March, the company have not changed their founding principal of fresh and superior food, but have renovated their current location and revved up their marketing campaign but launching a new site and generating more brand awareness on social media. The business run along a tight food cost control system that keeps costs and waste to a minimum and means their service remains fast and functional.

They currently have plans to increase revenues by making their business a supper club site so that the venue could be hired out in the evenings (when usually closed) and used for pop-up supper clubs. Eventually the business plan to open additional locations to save office workers throughout London from un-inspirational lunches.

Why Grill Market made our 50:

Grill market made it into our final 50 due to their strong business concept of supplying busy professionals with incredible range of hot but fast, freshly cooked food at affordable prices and creating a kitchen that feels like the one you remember from your childhood; this combined with their sustainable and solid business structure and their largely locally sourced produce make them an ideal candidate for People’s champion.

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