People’s Champion Finalist: LOVESPACE

Backed by £4m investment, does this by-the-box storage start-up get your vote?

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Start-up name: LOVESPACE
Founders: Brett Akker
Started in: 2012
Based in: London
Business description: By-the-box storage

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Crowdfunded Business of the Year

Service Business of the Year

The LOVESPACE story:

Brett Akker defines his Startups 100 featured company LOVESPACE as “like cloud storage, but for your physical things”. The company takes the hassle out of storage by collecting, storing and returning your precious possessions to any UK address from as little as £1.95 per month.

Akker was no stranger to disruptive start-ups having previously founded car-sharing company Streetcar (eventually sold to Zipcar), and wanted to apply the same principles of convenience, value and customer service to the outdated £500m UK storage industry.

LOVESPACE’s simple fix was to go to the customer and offer racks in large warehouses instead of restricted shed space, with house-movers, hoarders and globe-trotters simply paying a monthly rental fee and small delivery charge.

Although the success of the business has led to imitators, the company prides itself on its innovation by investing in tech, with the eventual goal of giving customers complete control over their items at the click of a button. 

And it’s not just consumers – businesses use LOVESPACE to store stock, samples or equipment with the knowledge that they can have it delivered to anywhere in the country.

Why LOVESPACE made our 60:

Backed by £4m in VC and crowdfunding, this storage start-up continues to impress and is on track to hit seven-figure revenues by the end of the year. In September 2015 it stored its 100,000th box and is already looking to expand on its 25,000 square foot warehouse due to burgeoning demand.

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