People’s Champion Finalist: Netduma

The unique router innovation has won top reviews from gaming professionals and popular YouTubers but is it your favourite to win People’s Champion?

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Start-up name: Netduma
Founders: Iain Fraser and Luke Barlow
Started in: 2011 (launched 2014)
Based in: Luton
Business description: Router software

Shortlisted categories:


Export Business of the Year
Lean Business of the Year

The Netduma story:

Taking the view that conventional network router software is “archaic and underdeveloped”, techpreneurs Iain Fraser and Luke Barlow sought to create an alternative router which would combat many of the problems faced when using the internet such as congestion and lag.

Following intensive research and development, the duo were able to successfully create Netduma. The router invention creates better internet efficiency as it eliminates the usual queues and connection issues there are when too many devices are connected to the internet in one household/office.

It also helps online gamers thanks to its ‘geo-filter’, which allows players to set the maximum distance they are prepared for their game’s connection to travel from home. No other router in the world has this feature.

Installed onto hardware created by a third party manufacturer, Fraser and Barlow’s router is named the Netduma R1 and has already become a hit in the UK and overseas with sales in 53 countries. The USA has become its main market and it expects to sign off reseller agreements in North America, Canada and Europe shortly.

Bootstrapped with just two full-time members of staff, Netduma’s goal is to become the world’s leading router software provider; an ambition boosted by a host of positive reviews from gaming professionals, YouTube stars, and nominations for several innovation awards.

Why Netduma made our 60:

Without any investment, Netduma has got off to a promising start with seven figure revenues projected for 2016. The business’ rapid overseas sales is evidence that the product has global appeal, and it’s not only helping to create a better experience for gaming aficionados but also those who want to get their Netflix fix.

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