People’s Champion Finalist: Scaramouche & Fandango

Does this gutsy start-up with a mission to simplify men's grooming get your People's Champion vote?

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Start-up name: Scaramouche & Fandango
Founders: Ian Linaker and Kenny Harmel
Started in: 2013
Based in: London
Business description: Product business “putting the simplicity back into male grooming”

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Export Business of the Year

The Scaramouche & Fandango story:

Ian Linaker and Kenny Harmel started Scaramouche & Fandango with a simple goal: to put “the simplicity back into grooming”. Two years later and the brand has grown its range of high-end men’s grooming products from six to more than 20, and is listed in a number of major retail outlets including Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.

While male grooming products typically identify as luxury or mass market, Scaramouche & Fandango has sought to occupy the huge and relatively vacant middle ground, with reasonably priced but quality goods.

Although retail is the core of their business, the last year has seen the company crossover as the official partner of a leading airline’s business class amenity kit and its departure lounge amenity provider for the next two years.

In a competitive market dominated by some major global players, Scaramouche & Fandango has made a significant splash. The product business intends to consolidate its position by continuing to expand its offering in the coming year – including plans to capitalise on the growing trend for luxury barber services.

Why Scaramouche & Fandango made our 60:

In just two years this plucky British start-up has dared to disrupt an intimidating market and survived. Its airline contract is expected to bring in multimillion revenues alone over the next couple of years, from which it intends to launch into other channels.

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