People’s Champion Finalist: Sosban & The Old Butchers Restaurant

Could this unique ‘surprise menu’ restaurant be your Startups Awards People’s Champion favourite?

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Start-up name: Sosban & The Old Butchers Restaurant
Founders: Stephen and Bethan Stevens, 34
Started in: 2013
Based in: Isle of Anglesey
Business description: Restaurant with a twist

The Sosban & The Old Butchers story:

Started by husband-and-wife team Stephen and Bethan Stevens in 2013, the Anglesey-based eatery has been attracting the attention of patrons and critics ever since, with excellent financial growth and a growing collection of industry accolades.

Based in the atmospheric environs of a historical butcher’s shop, the pair modestly describe the restaurant’s dining experience as “a little different to most” – to put it mildly. Every night, Sosban & The Old Butchers uses the best locally sourced produce available on the day to serve up a totally unique and unexpected range of dishes to customers for the competitive price of £43.70 a head. Patrons never know what they will be served until they step in the door, meaning each visit to the restaurant is a totally unique, special and unforgettable experience.

This “surprise menu” model is one that works in the restaurant’s favour, as well – as it chooses what to serve every night, food wastage is reduced to essentially zero, cutting out a traditional source of frustration for restaurant owners in one stroke.

The restaurant’s proposition has proved so popular the founders say they have been full virtually every evening since opening, and have been taking bookings as much as six months in advance. It’s not just your average patron that has been taken in by Sosban & The Old Butchers, either – the restaurant has featured in both the Good Food and Michelin Restaurant guides after just one year of trading, in addition to a listing in the Telegraph’s best 500 restaurants in the UK and Ireland.

As you might expect, growth has been strong, with turnover in 2014 up 29% on the first year of trading – and profit has increased by a hugely impressive 668%, due to a successful shake-up in the sourcing of ingredients.

Why Sosban & The Old Butchers made our 50:

The restaurant’s “surprise menu” proposition is a model that has the potential to shake up the entire restaurant industry, and its phenomenal growth and range of awards is testament to the model’s viability for businesses and diners alike.

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