People’s Champion Finalist: Victor’s Drinks

Meet the make-it-yourself cider and ale start-up fighting to become the Startups Awards People’s Champion – will it get your vote?

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Start-up name: Victor’s Drinks
Founders: Ralph Broadbent and Alex Dixon
Started in: 2013
Based in: London
Business description: Drinks company specialising in make-it-yourself cider and ale

Victor's Drinks logo - smallThe Victor’s Drinks story:

The homebrew and craft beer market has been steadily growing and Victor’s Drinks looks to exploit the space between the two with its brewing box which contains everything you need to make 20 pints of cider and ale by simply adding water and yeast. An idea which originated in 2009 following a pub discussion between university students Ralph Broadbent and Alex Session, since launch in October 2013 Victor’s Drinks has quickly found its feet.

With a view to shake up an industry which it sees as “tired and lacking creativity”, in less than a year the early-stage business has attracted an impressive list of clients which stretches from Firebox and Menkind to the likes of Amazon and Hawkins Bazaar.

The start-up remains determined to go against the status quo as it outlines on its website:

“Having decided that off shelf drinks were boring, and home brew kits were too much hassle, we embarked upon making something that makes cider making easy. We called it easy to make cider. Everyone knows if you want something right, you have to do it yourself.”

After a successful pitch on BBC’s Dragons’ Den in August where it secured £40,000 from Duncan Bannatyne in exchange for 25% of the business, the drinks company has enjoyed increased growth and is on its way to achieving its goal of enabling Britons to “taste victory”.

Why Victor’s Drinks made our 50:

Homebrew isn’t necessarily an industry one would position as fun and innovative yet Victor’s Drinks has turned the market on its head. Already witnessing rising demand from customers keen to try out the kits for themselves, and with backing from a Dragon, Victor’s Drinks looks set to go far.

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