Service Business of the Year 2006

Kids Allowed

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About the business

Kids Allowed was established in May 2003 in response to the direct personal experiences of the founders. They found it hard to source childcare services that meet the needs of family life today. In response Kids Allowed nurseries focus on providing quality care, great building design, quality furniture and fantastic outdoor play areas. In addition they offer extended support services to match the working day commitments of local families.

Judges comments

Jennie Johnson has built a highly successful business by improving substantially on an existing sector, namely children’s nurseries. Her growth has seen turnover soar to nearly £1 million in her first year, and is expected to hit £2 million in her second. This is all down to customer satisfaction, which is consistently far greater than at rivals, due to her customer-focussed approach and in particular more flexibility. Kids Allowed have already opened two centres, and are recognised as the first choice by parents in the area. And Jennie has achieved all this by helping many local parents considerably, becoming a real boost to her community.

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