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CIGA Healthcare was started in January 2005 by Irwin Armstrong and has launched innovative products for the Rapid Self Test Health Diagnostics sector. These include the CIGA’s SURESIGN range. CIGA offers a wide range of tests ranging from pregnancy to blood pressure monitoring. Their success is built on a lower price point for their tests and good distribution.

Judges’ comments

CIGA Healthcare correctly spotted a gap in the multi-million pound European IVD market and then filled it with a product that was of equal quality but priced competitively. The self diagnosis market in the UK has been growing quickly since changes in UK Government policy to redirect patients from doctors to the pharmacy. Irwin Armstrong was one of the first to identify this trend. An impressive distribution network has already been established with 4000 pharmacy, grocery and general retail outlets across the UK. In addition a listing with ASDA has been secured for seven of their diagnostic products. Further expansion into mainland Europe is now planned with orders already received for the Benelux region.

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