Startups Awards 2013: What category could your business win?

With the search on to find the UK’s brightest start-ups we look at the categories and how you can apply…

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Interest in the 10th annual Startups Awards 2013 is reaching its usual peak as the deadline for entries approaches.

The prestigious accolades recognising the achievements of the most innovative and fast growing businesses launched in the UK in the last three years have become highly sought after.

And with queries about the award categories coming in thick and fast, we’re taking a moment to outline what judges will be looking for.

There are 12 individual categories and the opportunity to apply for multiple awards if you or your business meet the entry criteria. So if you think you could be this year’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year or that your start-up deserves the title of Service Business of the Year then read on to find out…

The categories are as follows:

Service Business of the Year

Small business trader? Own a shop or restaurant? Operate in the service sector? Then this award is for you. If you sell a service rather than physical products then this category applies. We’re not just looking for great quality of service but the calibre of the business is important too so a better business with decent service will beat an average business with great service. 

Made Simple Group’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year

If you were under 30 years old when your business started trading and your business is successful then you should tell us how great it is! You could own a recruitment company or sell handbags, whatever type of business you started; let us know. 

All Response Media’s Digital Business of the Year

This category is aimed at businesses primarily based online. Calling all web retailers, brilliant software-as-a-service companies and cloud computing companies, if you have a great digital business with strong potential then apply for this award. 

Mobile Business of the Year

Apps developer? Using a mobile platform to sell your product? Whether you’re making mobile software and applications, making money from them or alternatively using mobile to support and market your business then ensure you enter for this award. 

Free-Agent’s Home-based and Freelance Business of the Year

Home-based businesses are on the rise and we want to celebrate the best of them. You don’t need to be running a big business, just to be running a successful business which customers love and if you’re freelancing whether it be books, cakes or graphic design, we want to hear from you. 

Franchisee of the Year

Are you doing your franchise brand proud? If you are and started in the last three years then this award is for you. We’re looking for franchisees that have exceeded targets and gained an impressive reputation with customers. 

haysmacintyre’s Innovative Business of the Year

If you think of your business as disruptive or think it delivers a fresh approach then this category applies to you. We’re seeking businesses which either offer a ground-breaking product or service, or which are using a great new method to improve a traditional market. 

Product Business of the Year

Think your product is the next best thing? You don’t necessarily have to manufacture the product but this awards applies to all you start-ups that produce exciting and tangible products with great potential. 

Women in Business Award

British business is over-populated by male entrepreneurs so we want to make a special point of celebrating the great businesses being started by women! Some top entrepreneurs the UK has produced are female, from the late Dame Anita Roddick to The White Company’s Chrissie Rucker. If you’re a founder or co-founder of a fabulous new business, apply for this award and inspire more women to start new businesses. 

Mumpreneur of the Year

‘Mumpreneur’ is a relatively new title but it applies to all those mums who are managing to find the time to start a business on top of all the other things they have to do and we think they deserve some recognition. The winner of this award will be a mum who has started a fabulous business while juggling the demands of work and home life. 

Silver Fox of the Year

If you were over 50 when you launched your start-up, this category is for you. With more and more people over 50 finding it hard to find employment, we want to highlight the benefits that experience and wisdom brings to a new business. 

Funded Business of the Year

For any business to secure investment is impressive, even more so if you’re a start-up. If you’ve raised money from investors, be it business angels, venture capitalists or through crowdfunding, you have already demonstrated signs of achieving real greatness and we want to hear about it.

The overall winner of the top prize, the Simply Business Startups Business of the Year award, will be judged and selected from the winners of the other categories.

To be eligible your business needs to have started trading no earlier than August 1, 2010 and no later than July 31, 2013.

Entries close on September 13, to enter and find out more information visit

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