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“The benefits of entering awards of this calibre cannot be underestimated. The Startups Awards made us newsworthy both inside and outside the optical world, which also generated awareness for optics as a whole. From the award win, we have been acknowledged for the roles we play in optometry, within fashion and in re-building economic confidence – we are particularly proud to have received a quotation request from 10 Downing Street, contributing to a news piece they sent out to the media regarding the recovery of the economy.”

Eyespace (Product Business of the Year 2014)

Chemist Direct
“The Startups Awards resulted in an amazing level of interest in the business and provided us with very valuable credibility, with both customers and suppliers. The Startups Awards can lead to an enormous amount of publicity, help endorse your business and provide you with contacts that you cant find elsewhere and money cannot buy.”

Chemist Direct (Retail Business of the Year 2008)

“It generated a good amount of PR, which is always welcome. Would we recommend entering awards like this? Absolutely. Why wouldn’t you want national exposure for your business?”

Hiring Hub (Women in Business Award 2013)

Hiring Hub
“The Startups Awards give your business the profile and recognition it needs at just the time when it needs it. It made a huge difference to our confidence and of course the publicity gave the business an extra push just when it was needed.”

GoinGreen (Startups Business of the Year 2004)

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