Verizon Connect Fleet Management Solutions: Supplier Review

Verizon Connect is a leading telematics supplier in the UK. Learn more about its services, and how it could benefit your business

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Verizon Connect is an industry-leading company that specialises in live vehicle tracking, which allows you to track the status of your vehicles around the clock. It also provides software solutions that manage job completion, and it has some competitive costs for a vehicle tracking system.

Within this article, we’ll take a closer look at Verizon Connect, and explore what it can do for your business. We’ll then move on to look at Verizon Connect’s products, and the key features they offer. Finally, we’ll look at the Verizon Connect pricing structure, and let you know how you can get a quote. This review is based on research that we’ve conducted into the vehicle tracking market.

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Who is Verizon Connect UK?

verizon best vehicle tracking system

Launched in 2018, Verizon Connect provides best-in-class fleet solutions and mobile workforce management for a range of businesses. Verizon Connect came about after three Verizon brands Verizon Telematics, Fleetmatics and Telogis were rebranded into one solution.

A multi-award-winning company, Verizon Connect provides telematics services that help its customers to decrease fuel consumption, improve productivity, and promote driving safety. It focuses on helping to move people, vehicles, and objects around the world in a connected, automated, and optimised way.

Verizon Connect’s services are designed to meet a variety of business needs, including improving customer service, near real-time operations visibility, and maximized vehicle and driver performance. Its vehicle tracking system helps fleet managers to drive down operating costs and boost productivity, as well as boost driver safety. Verizon Connect is known for providing reliable, up-to-date tracking software and apps, with extensive coverage and in-depth reporting.

With offices in North America, Europe (including the UK), Asia Pacific, and Latin America, Verizon Connect’s products have helped to define the telematics industry. Verizon Connect has more than 3,500 employees located in 15 countries.

Verizon Connect services for business

Best for driving behaviour alerts

Verizon Connect telematics allows you to accurately track the exact location of your vehicles at any time, from anywhere on the planet. It provides GPS-based fleet tracking software via its primary product, Verizon Reveal.

The tracking systems provide in-depth information on each of the vehicles in your fleet, including how fast they are travelling, whether or not the engine is running, and their exact location. Its alert features are the best available, helping to manage driving behaviours.

There are options for both hardwired and software (cloud-based) products, as well as smartphone apps.

Verizon Connect has three main offerings:

  • Verizon Connect Reveal – a vehicle tracking solution
  • Verizon Connect Fleet – a fleet management product
  • Verizon Connect Work – scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing management

Verizon Connect offers high quality fleet management software. Some of its key features include custom reporting, real time alerts, advanced GPS live mapping, and geofences (set boundaries), which can help you to run your fleet more efficiently. 

The software is cloud-based, meaning it can be accessed remotely. You can also access the dashboard through a smartphone app, where you can perform fleet management tasks while on the move.

Did you know?

According to data published by Verizon Connect, the company has helped its customers to achieve:

  • A 13% reduction in vehicle idling
  • 2.5 more stops per vehicle each week
  • A 15% decrease in harsh driving events

Scheduling and routing

Verizon Connect provides a dynamic planning and scheduling system that’s designed to simplify job distribution and reporting. You can configure jobs in various ways, including by name and code, as well by delivery date and time. 

The platform offers tabs for ‘creating jobs’, ‘editing jobs’, ‘deleting jobs’, and more. Routes can be calculated days, weeks, or even months beforehand to maximise efficiency and provide estimated arrival times for stops. And with the ability to integrate with Garmin sat navs, you can use Verizon Connect to communicate with Garmin devices from within the software, and even provide turn-by-turn directions. 


There are a whole range of alert functions available, including:

  • Driving behaviour, e.g. late starts, long stops, speeding
  • Driving history
  • Diagnostics
  • Idling

Providing live updates and daily reporting, Verizon Connect allows you to see exactly where your drivers are at any given time, and also keep up to date with how much progress has been made on a task. 


The platform can be customised to your business requirements with the self-created dashboard and reports. It can provide detailed insight on fuel purchases, with the ability to specify reporting by fleet, fuel card, or vehicle. Statistics are available each day, filtered by driver or by vehicle.

Verizon Connect key features include:

  • Strong data handling capabilities
  • Emphasis on locating vehicles
  • Excellent tracking functions
  • Market-leading alerts
  • Weather updates
  • Bespoke reports
  • Unlimited users
  • Safety-focused

Read our guide to the best vehicle tracking systems for businesses to learn more about vehicle tracking providers, including Verizon Connect and many more.

verizon connect reveal

Here’s what Verizon Connect Reveal+ looks like in action.

Source: Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect UK prices

Like many of its competitors, pricing for Verizon Connect is available upon request, so you’ll need to contact Verizon directly in order to obtain a quote for your business and find out more.

The price that you pay will depend on various factors: everything from the size of your fleet to the number of miles travelled could impact the plan that you need. The cost may also be impacted by your industry, though again, it’s important to speak to Verizon Connect directly to learn more.

As a guideline, Verizon Connect provides and prices its services in the following way:

  • Monthly licence, costing £40-£200 approximately 
  • Standard contract length is three years
  • Free installation although units for upgrades cost approximately £80
  • 14 day cooling off period

Although the pricing may be higher and the contracts may be longer than other providers, Verizon Connect does offer a free trial, so you can give it a try before making a purchase.


This article includes independent research carried out by two researchers, who reviewed 200 companies based on 500 metrics, including pricing, support, and features. It was also created using information and research that was available and correct at the time of writing.

Verizon Connect for business: Verdict

Verizon Connect telematics can be used across all industries, but bigger fleets and businesses that work with larger sized vehicles may find it especially suitable. 

Verizon Connect is also ideal for businesses that want to concentrate on fleet management, thanks to its exemplary monitoring and tracking functions. 

Businesses in the construction industry are particularly likely to appreciate the emphasis on driver and vehicle safety, as well as the alert functions and the ability to locate vehicles.

Custom reports from the dashboard are also a major strength, particularly for businesses that have the capacity for data handling. 

However, where Verizon Connect really stands out is with its alert features, which are the best available on the market. These can be used for diagnosing issues, collating driving history, and more, which can help you to reduce the amount you spend on your fleet.

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The information on this page should help you to understand what Verizon Connect can offer your business, in terms of both its services and plans. In order to find out more, and to get quotes that are tailored directly to your business, you should speak to suppliers – something which Startups can help with.

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